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Our publications and products connect daily with millions of people across the globe by bridging their evolving interests with our innovative content.

" We think Women"
Bauer Xcel has a proven deep understanding of women's interests and an eager approach to the huge business growth opportunities that lie within the female demographic.
"The Power of Teens"
Young Women & Teens
Bauer Teen Network International has one of the world's largest and fastest growing teen audiences. We are teen media experts and the editorial trendsetters in this expanding territory
"Something Special "
Men´s & Specialist
With the world’s top automotive and hobby publications, Bauer Xcel is the industry’s guru in creating content that celebrates topics for men and both new and emerging special interests
" We are needy"
Bauer Xcel sets the global standards for need-fulfillment. Through our intuitive expertise on evolving needs, we explore and develop the best products to connect our audiences to simple solutions.